Landhaus Luise

Country idyll surrounded by 
mountains, woodlands, meadows – 
that's our Landhaus Luise.

What seems like the beginning of a perfect holiday read featuring plenty of romance actually exists – and it is no more than 150 metres away from the Linde main house. Located at the forest's edge, the Landhaus Luise offers two twin rooms and three suites that have been lovingly restored in 2020 to meet the standard of our main house and the Landhaus Erna. 

Just like all our other accommodations, Landhaus Luise offers comfortable box spring beds to ensure peaceful sleep – and in addition you will get a healthy dose of fresh forest air. Each of the rooms and suites is a gem in its own right. All those seeking peace and quiet can be sure to find it here, at the Landhaus Luise.

Your room at the
Landhaus Luise: